Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR

The 2016 Geneva Motor Show was the platform for the Toyota C-HR to make its world debut. It is a fresh take for Toyota in the crossover market, introducing a full hybrid powertrain to the segment. The C-HR represents Akio Toyoda’s determination to allow greater stylistic freedom and promote engineering creativity in order to achieve eye-catching designs and enhanced driving pleasure.

The C-HR has remained true to the features of the concept cars that made appearances at Paris in 2014 and Frankfurt in 2015. Using Toyota’s very latest 1.8 litre hybrid system, the driving experience is matched to a level of efficiency previously unseen in the crossover segment.

The C-HR introduces a distinctive styling with a body that has a diamond architectural theme with wheel arches projecting prominently at all four corners to emphasise the new crossover’s strength and rigidity. It has a powerful lower body and raised ground clearance with the slim and sleek cabin profile of a coupe.

On the front of the vehicle, the upper grille flows from the Toyota emblem into the sleek, aggressive wing extremities of the headlamp clusters and wraps fully around the front corners of the vehicle. The headlamps incorporate full LED lighting with light guides and sequential turn signals giving the C-HR its own signature. Below, the enhanced three-dimensionality of the bumper that’s integrated with the wheel flows and the trapezoidal lower grille architecture reinforce the C-HR’s wide, firmly planted stance.

The CH-R will be equipped with two powertrains in the UK including the latest generation full hybrid power plant, with C02 emissions of less than 90g/km it is unrivalled within its segment. Alternatively, the Toyota C-HR is available with the new 115 DIN hp/85 kW 1.2 litre turbo engine. This will have a choice of 6-speed manual gearbox or a Continuously Variable automatic Transmission system. The CVT is available in front-wheel or 4-wheel drive versions.

We don’t have any release information on the CH-r as yet but we will be sure to keep to up to date with any further developments.

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